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A piece of advice to small hotels of the Crimea

Май 7th, 2011 | Victor in Blog

Destination Competition

Having prepared and conducted several seminars for hotel SM enhancement I’ve come to conclusion that all small hotels of the Crimea suffer from the same problems. I’m not an HR specialist and do not give legislative consulting which becomes more and more complicated in Ukraine of 2011. But my professional experience has taught me to find basic and sometimes quite visible reasons that influence hotel’s occupancy. For that reason I’ve wanted to share some experience not only with the listeners of my seminars but with anyone interested. Here’s one of the advices to the small hotels of the Crimea.

Hoteliers should change their approach to the competition. A short quiz has showed that owners of small and medium hotels consider down the road hotels to be their rivals. In fact they are your competition at the same measure as they are your partners since your real competitors are other destination hotels. If your destination is more attractive more tourists will come there. Wherefrom  comes a conclusion: your city increases its popularity if all tourism suppliers (hotels as well) do well their job. Hotels should switch from competing with their neighbors to consolidate their effort and make a promotion to the destination. At least hotels should not forget to make an advertisement of their destination in every message they are sending to the world if consolidation can be hardly achieved. Do not struggle for small part of small market, enlarge the market and your part will grow as well.

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