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Hotel web site as a tool to increase sales and guest satisfaction.

Май 9th, 2011 | Victor in Blog

I believe there’s no use talking a lot about importance of a efficient hotel web site. It’s a direct channel of electronic distribution and every hotelier is happy to receive booking trough it rather than through a OTA. But unfortunately sometimes I doubt if it’s really possible to make booking on some of Ukrainian hotel web sites.
So below a piece of advice of how add efficiency to your web site and raise the number of on-line booking.
The reservation form must appear on every page. But for some hotels this advice might be a premature one. They should first create a reservation form and do not ask their customers to write e-mails asking for booking. So there’s no use creating a special page called reservation. Just put the form on the right or on the left corner on the visible upper part of the page.
But the location of the reservation form is not the most important of the issue. My advice would be one-sided if I didn’t say you that the most important is the way the client gets confirmation. Most of the reservation forms work on an e-mail based principle. When the client has accepted a filled form he/she receives a message that hotel will contact him/her later. Sometimes the customer doesn’t even receive this message and considers the reservation to be accepted by the hotel. Later he/she might get very upset by learning that the room is not available and was not available at the moment the reservation was sent to the hotel. The best way is to confirm the reservation immediately which demands the reservation form acquire availability from a certain source. That may be a direct connection to a PMS which is costly. My advice is to create a back office module to the reservation form and refresh availability manually. This is an allotment principle the OTA are using but applied to the hotels.
By doing that your direct on-line sales will grow and your clients will stay satisfied.

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