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Spam campaign for hotels. How to gain and not to loose.

Май 8th, 2011 | Victor in Blog

In spite of the fact that spam has recently been seen as no longer efficient or even notorious way of promotion, it still stays a powerful means for hotel electronic direct marketing. But in order to gain positive result and avoid troubles the spam company should be wisely arranged. Here is some important advice and a precautionary measure:

1.    Divide your mailing lists on segments. It happens very often that hotels have only one mailing list called “customers” based on the buying experience in this property. But among them we can easily find leisure travelers, individual business travelers as well as conference members and sportsmen. To say nothing all the recipients may talk different languages. And in order to reach the goal your message must be as much personalized as possible. And the contrary: the less your message is personal the more negative impression it may produce to the ex customer.
So, thrive to create smart mailing lists based on concrete criteria. The division must be practically approached since in the future you are going to send special offers created for this or that segment. For me an example of a good segmentation may be: leisure or business travelers, people living in mega polis or locals, arrived to your property by plane or car… Then you are able to propose early booking rates in high season for leisure travelers, discounted dinner menu on the day of arrival to business men, free parking to drivers, free transfer for those who arrived by plane…
The source of information may be your PMS system, previous booking records… Nevertheless if you already have a miscellaneous data base of ex customers, send them a questionnaire asking the needed questions. They will surely appreciate your approach, and even if they do not respond, they will treat you as professionals)))
2.    A bulk sending of electronic messages can fall under antispam regulations. For these reasons some precautions should be taken to avoid troubles:
—    The letter must contain precise information about the sender, the field “From” must be correctly filled.
—    The title must be coherent with the letter content. If the content is an advertising one, the title must have “AD” remark.
—    The letter must contain information of the way this e-mail address was obtained and how the recipient can unsubscribe from the mailing.
Hope that will help you to use this operational method to attract clients. If you’re planning a spam campaign ask me for further advice.


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